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A Different Kind of Retirement Party…

My wife’s friend Irina (yes another Russian lady) recently threw her American boyfriend a retirement party. It started out as the typical summer backyard party with plenty of beer, booze and barbeque. Many of his friends came out to celebrate along with quite a few Russian ladies. There was the typical chit chat among everyone. After a while there was an anouncement for everyone to come inside as something was going to happen.

So we all move inside to see what is going on. We hung out for a few minutes and three Russian women – Irina, Ruslana and Svetlana – dressed as belly dancers make there way in to perform for Eddie, Irina’s boyfriend. They were all looking fairly sexy… So the music starts and they begin performing a belly dance for everyone. Now is that cool or what. What woman do you know that would do that for you.

Russian women grow up as performers. My wife explained to me that once when she was a teacher in Russia, she had to perform a skit for a contest between herself and her fellow teachers. When they were Pioneers growing up in the USSR they performed quite alot. Whenever you go to a party that involves many Russians, there will be a skit and probably singing.

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  1. #1 Russian Girl
    on Sep 27th, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Interesting. Belly dancing is actually very popular in Russia. I took some classes in it when I lived there too.

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