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Russian Airport Security

In my own opinion, Russians take their airport security much more serious than they do here in the United States. The trip from the USA to Moscow was long, but smooth. What I thought was good airport security seems a little lacking compared to the Russians though. The return trip home was not as smooth, but nothing too surprising. At the Moscow International airport – Sheremetyevo – they have 5 different layers of security we had to go through before getting onto the plane to leave Russia:

- Metal detectors/x-ray machines coming into the airport.

- Another metal detector/x-ray machine going to the Delta counter to check-in.

- Questioning by a Delta representative, then our bags searched. This was done to everyone.

- Passport control.

- And yet another metal detector/x-ray machine to get into our gate. As well, they searched our carry-on bags here also.

The plane left the terminal about 15 minutes late and sat on the runway waiting to take off for another 30 minutes. So we were late leaving and late arriving.

We flew Delta Airlines. The flight to Russia was great, I’d give the crew 5 stars. Lots of attention, room to move around the plane, food was decent.

Sunset - view from the jet window

Sunset - view from the jet window

However, the return trip was not as nice. They ran out of the good entrĂ©es and we were stuck with the leftovers. I had a cranky old Russian lady behind me complaining that me seat was reclined. About half of the flight attendants didn’t speak Russian, and most of the plane was Russian speaking for this flight. This caused flight attendants to be a bit stern with some of the Russian speaking passengers and yelling at them to try to get their point across. Not very professional in my opinion. Just not the most pleasant experience flying with Delta.

One of the cathedral's inside the Kremlin grounds.

One of the cathedral's inside the Kremlin grounds.

Another Moscow metro station.

Another Moscow metro station.

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