Russian Wives at Red October

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Due to some personal issues and lack of time to continue writing on Red October, we are officially on hiatus until further notice. I may be interested in selling this blog as well. Email me with questions and inquiries.

I leave you with this tidbit of wisdom:

We all make choices. All choices come with consequences, either good or bad. Most if not all will affect someone else in one way or another. We all make our own choices and sometimes they don’t make sense to others. Some choices turn out good, some we hopefully learn from.

A Different Kind of Retirement Party…

My wife’s friend Irina (yes another Russian lady) recently threw her American boyfriend a retirement party. It started out as the typical summer backyard party with plenty of beer, booze and barbeque. Many of his friends came out to celebrate along with quite a few Russian ladies. There was the typical chit chat among everyone. After a while there was an anouncement for everyone to come inside as something was going to happen.

So we all move inside to see what is going on. We hung out for a few minutes and three Russian women – Irina, Ruslana and Svetlana – dressed as belly dancers make there way in to perform for Eddie, Irina’s boyfriend. They were all looking fairly sexy… So the music starts and they begin performing a belly dance for everyone. Now is that cool or what. What woman do you know that would do that for you.

Russian women grow up as performers. My wife explained to me that once when she was a teacher in Russia, she had to perform a skit for a contest between herself and her fellow teachers. When they were Pioneers growing up in the USSR they performed quite alot. Whenever you go to a party that involves many Russians, there will be a skit and probably singing.

The Life of an American Husband Married to a Russian Wife – Part 2

As I sit here sipping on a cold brew (Deviant Dales IPA by the way…), I think back to the many things that have happened over the years, mostly good I can report. Much has changed over the years since my initial trip in 2001, but many things are really the same.
We have travelled together to Russia 2 other times, once in 2004 and again in 2008. Lena travelled one other time without me. I’ve never been to Saint Petersburg, so we are planning this trip sometime in the future.
red square

Red Square - Moscow, Russia

My point is that should you choose to marry a Russian or any other foreign bride for that matter you’ll need to plan on taking many trips to their home country in your lifetime. Yes, there will be times that she might travel without you. But don’t think you can get away with that too many times. Her family is important and they want to know that you love and support their daughter. And so they will want to see your pretty face as well.
Don’t sweat it guys. For me it is always a little scary going to another country. No-one really speaks english, you don’t speak Russian or you don’t speak it much or very well, you cannot read the signs, there are armed guards in the airport, etc, etc, etc. It’s just a strange place that many of us Americans grew up learning to hate.
The USSR and the cold war are dead, but Russia lives on as it always has. You’ll see monuments from the old Soviet days, but also you’ll see many new and modern things in Russia. It has risen from the ashes to become a very neat and interesting place to visit. I am always fascinated with new and different things I see when I visit. And yes you will even find that many things have not changed, especially when you go through the process to get a visa to visit mother Russia. So embrace the travelling and have fun with it!


Well, we were hacked sometime in the past week by some Assad loving person who felt the need to post their crap on our site. Now we’re back and cleaning things up. Check back soon for a new post on Red October.

The Life of an American Husband Married to a Russian Wife – Part 1


Russian Vodka

There’s probably an article or two on this somewhere in this blog already. However it’s been a few years and perspectives are always evolving.

Russian culture parallel’s western/USA culture in many ways. Seems like many things are the same or similar, yet very different. In November of this year (2012) Lena and I will be married 11 years. I’ve amassed quite a bit of information over these years. This blog had its 6th birthday in March, so it’s been a while.

Way back in the year 2000, after being divorced for a couple of years I decided to seek out a Russian bride. At first I wasn’t too serious about it, but after finding my future bride I began considering a trip to the former Soviet Union. At that time I had never been outside the USA except for a couple of days driving through Canada from Anchorage Alaska to Seattle, Washington. So I decided to have an adventure. That turned into the biggest adventure I ever took. Ten cases of vodka later, and eleven years after we met I can say it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Stay tuned for Part 2.